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This is a full length album by LISP, recorded in late 2016.


released July 9, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Tal haruvi at Heavy studios, tel aviv, israel.
Mastered by Rachel Field at Resonant mastering, Seattle, Washington.

Additional vocals by sima brami



all rights reserved


LISP Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

hey! we're LISP, a punk rock trio formed in tel aviv ,israel in late '15
from the members of "kids insane" and not on tour"

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Track Name: Distractions
Distractions- it's hard to stay on point when going forward one step costs one coin
I meant to spill my insides out, but when we finally meet I smile and nod
If I could say what's on my mind
You'd wish you never knew I was alive
Frustrations- you make yours mine as well
I'd like the world to know but I won't tell
I used to respect the life you lead, I guess I wanted to like you for real
If I could say what's on my mind you'd wish you never knew I was alive

And I spend my time between forward and rewind
Just push stop and let it die
One closed door opens five more- don't forget
I want to be what's inside me and let it live
Deadweight, you're deadweight.
Track Name: Neon Screens
I wanna feel the open air
I wanna lift my head up high
Because there's no room to be free
Hours and days are passing by
I've got these tunes stuck in my head
And they keep playing on and on
It's like those songs are haunting me
They lift me up when I feel down

Cubicles and neon screens
Nightmares of growing up in disguise of pleasent dreams
I promised myself long ago not to be what I become,
I decieve myself daily
Daily sorrow
Track Name: Make It Snow
that's ok, you can run low while you'r here
i'll make it snow on on you, just let me know
we tried so hard, we drone for miles to get it
the sun has set but you wont regret it

welcome home, this is me i'm happy
watch the angels and the dust they carry

it's purring rain, i count the drops to fall asleep
the party's over, my darkest fear.

its purring rain.
Track Name: Queen Of Hearts
The day she called, I was in the sun
Laying 'round, almost having fun
Then she said she wants to talk, and I knew just what about

Queen of hearts, she taught me houw to grow
Lessons learned under my skin, below

That day I thought my life was at an end
Couldn't find a way to crawl back in what I thought was happiness
Now I'm greatful we're not friends
I never thought you were the one I would grow old leaning on

Queen of hearts, she taught me how to grow
Lessons learned under my skin, below
And if I only knew the shit you put me through
I'd do it again like the first time
Track Name: 95
I feel like I turned 95 today
Blew out 96 candles off my cake
All my sons, daughters and grandchildren were there
I peed my pants again but I don't fuckin care
"I want everyone to leave!" I scream my lungs out
There's no way out of this one

All hell broke loose when I woke up today
Just 30 but I'm starting to decay
Like a rabid dog left in the cage to rot
Like a dying culture in a melting pot
Like a bomb fuse timer with 3 seconds to go-
There's no way out of this one
Track Name: Hang On
It's the end of the world and you're facing it all alone
For the first time your world is out of control
Your worst fear, the day you thought would never come
Thoughts of ending it all appear, well you have to hang on my dear
I can't imagine the pain you're going through
All I can truley say is I am here for you

We'll get through this I'm telling you
Life is bigger than me and you
Ups and downs are part of the game
And it seems you have lost again
But whatever you may face
Know you're not alone in this
You're not alone, just hang on

It's absurd to believe that we all are untouchable
When the day comes we'll turn into dust & bones
Your worst fear, reality slaps you hard
Can't accept this is happening, how can I ever smile again?
I can't imagine the pain you're going through
All I can truly say is I am here for you
Track Name: Complete & Cool
Been talking for hours, I've been here before
With nowhere to go I'm climbing the walls
Can't figure out how to make this right
Let's call it a night
You torture me, I torture you
What's left to say?

Now 6 months gone by, no longer we're tied
And sometimes I miss the days left behind
I seem to forget what made me leave
And long for that feeling deep inside.
I torture me with thoughts of you
I'll never be relaxed & free, complete & cool
What's left to say?
Track Name: Dead Stars
Worry, worry all the time
Then I tell myself I'm fine
Brain is beaten, black and blue
Can't get over you, so come over
Twist and turn, tonight's a wreck
Kept up by my friend regret
Can't get over you, so come over

Why keep holding on
To dead stars we see from far away?
They're already gone

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Swear to catch me if I fall
Stuck in my sad gaze for days now
I want to break free
Break free from me
Track Name: Only Scum
Walk in like you own the place
Winner of the master race
High fives everywhere you turn
Oh, you play with that big guy? Top of the charts, going high
Daily on the radio
Hey relax, we know the truth- You're only scum, you're only dirt

I'd like to punch you in the eye
I'd like your mom to see you cry
While gasoline's raining on you
Light a match & set you ablaze
Track Name: Stabbed
Stiff as stone, time to go back home
Addicted to the damn comfort zone
Can't even look you in the eyes
Afraid you'll see what's really inside

Moderen life, what a dream
We get to pick our own brains
Good luck not going insane
Instead of trying to survive, I'm busy pulling out knifes
Stabbed in the back by my mind

My train of thought is packed- end to end
They left me there on the tracks again
And still I dream almost every day
I'll break loose of these mental chains
Track Name: Nothing
Honestly, I get sick just thinking of the scent you spread around
Motivation- yours is simply being a dick and putting others down.
I get it, you're the alpha make and all the rest were born to fail
I've got a different point of view on this-
What you were and what you'll always be is fucking nothing

Waking up and knowing soon I'll see your grin could ruin my whole week
Militant, power tripping and obsessed with control
If you and I could get along, I wouldn't need this stupid song
I'm not exaturating this is true-
In my eyes, the one that I despise- you're fuckin nothing.
Your dripping tears are music to my ears- you piece of nothing.