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Distractions- it's hard to stay on point when going forward one step costs one coin
I meant to spill my insides out, but when we finally meet I smile and nod
If I could say what's on my mind
You'd wish you never knew I was alive
Frustrations- you make yours mine as well
I'd like the world to know but I won't tell
I used to respect the life you lead, I guess I wanted to like you for real
If I could say what's on my mind you'd wish you never knew I was alive

And I spend my time between forward and rewind
Just push stop and let it die
One closed door opens five more- don't forget
I want to be what's inside me and let it live
Deadweight, you're deadweight.


from LISP, released July 9, 2017



all rights reserved


LISP Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

hey! we're LISP, a punk rock trio formed in tel aviv ,israel in late '15
from the members of "kids insane" and not on tour"

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